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If the default size of any deployed DSC AMI is insufficient, you can add more EBS storage volumes to a running DSC instance.

This procedure describes how to configure the EBS block devices after adding the EBS storage volumes. This procedure is not for Amazon S3 storage.

  1. After adding more EBS storage volumes to a running DSC instance, configure the EBS block devices for use with the running DSA instance.
    # cd /opt/teradata/client/DSCVersion/dsa/commandline
    # dsu-part-create -d  device  -s  size  -m  path
    • device is the block device to partition.
      When deploying the instance, the block device is /dev/xvdd, even though the block device is /dev/sdd.
    • size is the partition size in GBs.
    • path is the directory in which to mount the device and where files are saved by the DSC application. If the directory does not exist, it is automatically created for you.
    For example, add a 2 TB storage drive:
    # dsu-part-create -d  /dev/xvdd  -s  2147.5  -m  /dsu/path1