Deploy an Instance Using 1-Click Launch | Teradata Vantage on AWS (DIY) - 2.2 - Deploying an Instance Using 1-Click Launch - Teradata Vantage on AWS

Teradata Vantageā„¢ on AWS (DIY) Installation and Administration Guide

Teradata Vantage on AWS
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May 2021
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If you are deploying Teradata components separately on AWS, some products can be deployed using 1-Click Launch.
  1. If you have not already subscribed to the software you want to deploy, do so now.
  2. Log in to AWS Marketplace.
  3. From your account menu in the upper-right corner, select Your Marketplace Software.
  4. Select Launch More Software under the subscription name of the software you want to deploy.
  5. On the Launch on EC2 page, select 1-Click Launch.
  6. Before deploying, review and modify the following settings:
    1. Expand Version, and select an AMI version.
    2. Expand Region, and select a region.
    3. Expand EC2 Instance Type, select an instance type, and review the displayed pricing and cost information.
    4. Expand VPC Settings, and select a VPC other than the default because the default VPC is open to the public.
    5. For the subnet, check the Auto-assign IPs checkbox.
    6. Expand Security Group, and configure a new or select an existing security group to set your firewall settings.
    7. Expand Key Pair, and configure a new or select an existing key pair.
  7. Select Launch with 1-Click.
    The time required for an instance to deploy varies because instance types come in various sizes with varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity.
    A Software Installation Details message displays the configuration details for the instance being deployed.
  8. From the Software Subscriptions page, select Manage in AWS Console.
  9. From the AWS console, assign a name to help you identify the instance:
    1. In the Name column of the instance, select "".
    2. Enter the instance name, then select "".

When the Instance State changes to running, complete the applicable procedure under Configuring Teradata Software on AWS .