2.2 - Licensing Issues During Scaling Out and Scaling In - Teradata Vantage on AWS

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Teradata Vantage on AWS
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May 2021
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Licensing errors may occur when scaling out or scaling in a system. Nodes and the associated licenses are automatically removed from the system so new nodes and new licenses can be assigned. During this process, Teradata strongly recommends you monitor the AWS CloudWatch logs. In AWS CloudWatch logs, look for log group Teradata/DBS/stack-name and log stream telm_stack-name . Vantage automatically fixes most issues and activates the new licenses. There may be a delay during this process.

Following are examples of errors and possible remedies:
Errors Remedies
An error occurred revoking the license The Teradata EMS server attempts to automatically revoke the license. There may be a delay of up to 1 hour in response. If the AWS CloudWatch logs indicate a revocation was attempted twice, then revoke the license manually using tdc-revoke.
An error occurred removing the license files Revoke the license manually using tdc-revoke.