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Once configured, make sure the newly-deployed CMICs are communicating with each other and with existing CMICs.
  1. View the heartbeat table on each CMIC by running sudo /opt/teradata/cmic/bin/hbtabutil -L.
    Make sure there is an entry for each CMIC in the ecosystem.
    cmic@cmic:~> sudo hbtabutil -L
    Heartbeat Table has 3 entries
    IP Address      IDs           Elapsed     Seq Flags Missed Status    P,1,1,1,1     00:00:08      6     0      0     up    P,1,2,2,1     00:00:08     13     0      0     up   P,1,3,3,1     00:00:20     12     0      0     up
  2. Verify serf service on each CMIC by running sudo /etc/init.d/serf status.
  3. Check for member entry on each CMIC by running sudo serf members.
    If no other member is listed (except for the current CMIC), connect the group of CMICs manually by running sudo serf join <IP address of another CMIC> and entering the IP address of each missing CMIC.
    cmic@cmic:~> sudo serf members
    cmic_172_31_40_24   alive  role=cmic
    cmic_172_31_36_208  alive  role=cmic
    cmic_172_31_38_23   alive  role=cmic
  4. Restart each CMIC by running sudo /opt/teradata/cmic/bin/cmic-services restart.
  5. If the issues continue, verify security group settings for Teradata Server Management instances.