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Teradata Preprocessor2 (SPP Prefix) Messages

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About Preprocessor2

Preprocessor2 (PP2) is the Teradata Database precompiler and runtime SQL statement manager.

Each diagnostic issued by the precompiler is associated with one of several severity levels.

Each time preprocessing completes, the preprocessor terminates with a return code determined by the level of the most severe diagnostic that was issued.

Precompiler Severity Levels

The severity levels and their associated return codes are as follows:

Level Code
No Diagnostic 0
Warning 4
Error 8
Severe Error 12
Fatal Error 16

Diagnostics returned by the preprocessor have identifying numbers of the form SPPnnnn, where nnnn is a four-digit number.

Output Diagnostic Listings

Most diagnostics displayed on the output listing consist of at least two lines. The first line always takes one of the following forms, depending on how precisely the diagnostic can be associated with a specific location in the input source program:

SPPnnnn <severity>                                
SPPnnnn <severity>, statement beginning on line <linenum>
SPPnnnn <severity> at line <linenum>, column <column>