Logging onto the Teradata Database System - Interactive Teradata Query Facility

Interactive Teradata Query User Guide

Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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To log onto the Teradata DBS, do the following:

1 Key in the LOGON command (abbreviated LOG) and your username.

For example, if your username is Omura, you would key the words:

==> LOGON Omura;

opposite the arrow (==>) where the cursor is positioned. Note that there must be a space between the LOGON keyword and username.

2 Press Enter.

You are prompted for your password, and any account identifier required by your organization.

3 Assuming your password is H, and the account number dept500, enter the following at the PASSWORD ==> prompt:

PASSWORD ==> H, ’dept500’

You do not need spaces between the identifiers in the command. The password and account identifier that you type in do not appear on your screen (they are masked).

4 Press Enter.

After you have completed these steps, and the Teradata DBS recognizes your username and password, ITEQ responds with the message:


at the top of the screen. If a STARTUP string is defined for you using a STARTUP clause in the Teradata SQL CREATE USER or MODIFY USER statements (see SQL Data Definition Language), the processing result is displayed following this message.

The status message:


appears at the bottom of the screen.

If you have entered your username, password or account identifier incorrectly, ITEQ displays an error message.

If a tdpid is included in your logon sequence, enter the tdpid before your username, for example:

==> LOGON 4/Omura;

Note the space between LOGON and the tdpid, 4, and the slash character (/) separating the tdpid from the username.

It may be possible for you to log on to the Teradata DBS by simply specifying the LOGON command with your username and no password, for example:

==> LOGON Omura;

However, some users are not able to log on in this manner. You may want to check with your System Administrator to see if this logon option is available.

You may start ITEQ and log on to the Teradata DBS by keying only one command, for example:

  • Under TSO:
  • ITEQ LOG(’4/Omura’)
  • Under CMS:
  • ITEQ 4/Omura

    By including this command in your TSO STARTUP CLIST or CMS PROFILE EXEC, you may automatically start ITEQ and log on to the Teradata DBS when you log on to TSO or CMS.