How You Communicate Through ITEQ - Interactive Teradata Query Facility

Interactive Teradata Query User Guide

Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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Using ITEQ, you enter a Teradata SQL statement at your interactive terminal. The Teradata DBS processes the statement and ITEQ displays the result on the terminal screen. ITEQ allows you to:

  • Enter, edit, and execute Teradata SQL statements
  • You can enter and execute Teradata SQL statements from the terminal. If the result of a Teradata SQL query does not satisfy your needs, you can progressively modify the statement without re-keying it after each execution.

  • Control the display
  • When the result of a Teradata SQL statement is too long or too wide to fit on one screen, you can scroll up and down or move the terminal screen right or left to view the entire result.

  • Format output and write reports
  • You can format the result of a query for display on your terminal screen, for printing on a printer, or for storing on a disk file.

  • Store and execute a sequence of Teradata SQL statements
  • You can define, store, and later execute sequentially a group of Teradata SQL statements and ITEQ format commands. This group is called a “macro.”

  • Display reference information
  • You can display statements that define tables, macros, and other database objects, as well as ITEQ format controls currently in effect. Using a Teradata SQL HELP statement, you may obtain information about databases and their objects.

  • Save or discard the result of a query
  • You can save or discard the result of the last executed Teradata SQL statement.

  • Control the operation of the terminal
  • You can use program function keys on the terminal keyboard to enter frequently used ITEQ commands.