Chapter 6 Creating Reports Using ITEQ - Interactive Teradata Query Facility

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Interactive Teradata Query Facility
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ITEQ provides commands that enable you to format a Teradata SQL result into a report. In addition, Teradata SQL has formatting features that you may use with ITEQ formatting features to produce an informative, attractive report. This chapter shows you how to produce a report using the Teradata SQL features with ITEQ commands.

In Chapter 5 you set a formatting mode (Format or Unformat) and used display commands to view an unformatted result, that is, a result displayed in Unformat mode. As you recall, the unformatted result was contained on one or more screen pages, with the processing message displayed at the top of the first page preceding the result.

For a result displayed in Format mode, the processing message is displayed by itself as the first page of a result. Result data is formatted on consecutive pages, each containing date, page number, report title, and column headings. Formatted pages are displayed according to the format specifications that have been set during the session.