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When you are satisfied with your formatted result, you may print it as a report. To print the report on narrow printer paper (80 characters by 55 lines), set the line width and page length specifications by executing the following format commands:


The SET WIDTH command specifies 80 characters as the maximum width for a printed line. This command has the following effect on your printed report:

  • The report is centered on a page width of 80 characters.
  • Lines wider than 80 characters are truncated.
  • If your report is to be printed on wide printer paper (132 character by 55 lines), no width specification is necessary because, by default, the report is centered on 132 characters. If a width specification of 80 is used for printing a report on wide paper, the report is printed off-center on 80 columns. Note that a SET WIDTH command may specify no fewer than 20 characters.

    The SET PAGELENGTH command specifies up to 55 lines to a printed page. This causes the printed report to be centered vertically on a 55-line page of wide or narrow paper. Note that a SET PAGELENGTH 55 specification is optional because the default for the SET PAGELENGTH command is 55 lines.

    The maximum line width that you may specify using SET WIDTH is 254 characters. Both SET WIDTH and SET PAGELENGTH commands remain in effect until the end of the session or until changed by subsequent SET WIDTH and SET PAGELENGTH commands.

    To cause your report to be printed when control is returned to the interactive system, execute the PRINT command:


    The report is printed according to system defaults determined by your Teradata DBS installation. That is, a report file with ddname ITEQPRT1 (under TSO) or file name ITEQPRT1 DATA (under CMS) is sent to a specific printing device and its contents printed on wide or narrow printer paper. You may override these defaults using the TSO Allocate command or the CMS Filedef command, as shown in Appendix D.

    Note that you may execute the PRINT command by pressing the PF16 key (larger keyboard) or the PF4 key (smaller keyboard). (For complete information about the PRINT command, refer to the Interactive Teradata Query Reference [B035-2451].)