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On the first page of the previous example result, the processing message informs you that the maximum print line width is 105 characters. This message warns you that a report based on this result will not fit on 8.5‑ by 11‑inch paper (which has an 80‑character maximum line width).

Note that the message also alerts you to the fact that more data is available to the right of the current display, because the width of a terminal display is 80 characters. Also, the display is obviously split at the DOB column.

Imagine the terminal screen as a magnifying glass through which you are viewing the result. To view the portion of the result that is not visible, you move the magnifying glass (that is, shift the screen) to the right.

You shift the screen to the right by pressing the PF23 key (assigned to the RIGHT display command). The screen (Figure 9)shifts to the right 52 character positions to display the rest of the data (note that the processing message remains displayed because it is formatted to the size of the display area):

Figure 9: Viewing Wide Result

For very wide displays, press PF23 as many times as necessary to view the entire result. Once the rightmost position is visible, pressing PF23 has no effect.

Executing the RIGHT command with a numeric parameter causes the screen to shift to the right that many positions. For example, “RIGHT 7;” causes the screen to move seven positions to the right.

Pressing the PF22 key (assigned to the LEFT display command), shifts the screen to the left 52 positions over displayed data. “LEFT 23;” moves the screen left 23 positions. The LEFT command has no effect when the leftmost position is reached.