Re-Enable Incremental Restore | Teradata DSA - 17.20 - Re-Enabling Incremental Restore - BAR - Data Stream Architecture

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October 2021
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Use these instructions only to re-enable IR after it has been disabled. You cannot initially enable IR using these steps.
  1. Reset IR on the target system:
    [Command line] Run reset_ir_target_system.
    [BAR Setup portlet] Go to DSC Servers > Systems and Nodes > Systems > IR Support and click Reset.
  2. Create then run an IR restore job either as latest version (full) or with a specified version. Do not use next incremental restore.
    [Command line] Run create_job with enable_incremental_restore=true and next_incremental_restore=false.
    [BAR Operations portlet] Create an IR enabled restore job, and Edit the Source Save Set. Select either Latest version (Full) or Specify a version (Full)