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October 2021
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User Guide
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The config_aws command configures the Amazon S3 Server in the DSA repository based on parameter files.


config_aws -f|-file filename


config_aws -f file1.xml


f|file filename
The full path and name of the file containing the necessary configuration parameters.
u|user_authentication User
Required when security management is enabled. Supplies the command with the Viewpoint user, and triggers a password prompt for authentication.

Permissions required: Administrator role

Usage Notes

role_name is required. This is the IAM role (see When roles are used, all DSA components must be running in the AWS cloud and assigned to this role.

You will need to enter an AWS account ID (access id) and IAM user access key for the Amazon S3 application. See

dsc config_aws -f aws.xml

Data Stream Controller Command Line
Command parameters:
-file : aws.xml
Enter access id for account "acctName".


Enter access key for account "acctName".


Connected to DSC version
Saving AWS Backup Application configuration...

XML File Example

A representative XML file is shown below. Note the following:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

             <!--****The command below must be on one line.****-->
<dscConfigAmzS3 dscVersion="" xmlns=""
xsi:schemaLocation=" DSC.xsd">

 <!-- character must be alphanumeric, - Required, max characters 32 -->

 <!-- character must be alphanueric, - Required, max characters 64 -->

 <!-- must be region enum -->
    <!-- valid regions: us-east-1, us-west-1, us-west-2, eu-west-1,eu-central-1, 
      ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2,ap-northeast-1, ap-northeast-2, sa-east-1 -->
        <!-- character must be alphanumeric, - Required, max characters 512 -->

            <!-- character must be alphanumeric, - Required, max characters 256 -->

            <!-- Required, Integer, min value is 1, max value is 999 -->