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October 2021
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The update_job command updates an existing DSA job based on the information from the command line parameters or the XML file if provided. Parameter values specified in the command line supersede values entered for the same parameters in the XML file.

You cannot use update_job to convert a standard backup or restore job to an incremental restore backup or restore job.


update_job -n|-name Name [parameters|File]


dsc update_job -n job1 -f parameters.xml


n|name Name
The name of the job on which to perform the action. Must be unique for each job.
Example: job1
d|description Description
A meaningful description of the job. To allow a multiword description, add \" before and after the description string.
Example: \"backup web apps\"
t|type Type
[Optional] The type of job. Enter one of the following:
Example: backup
b|backup_name BackupName
[Optional] An existing backup job name. For restore, analyze_read, and analyze_validate jobs only.
Example: backupWeb1
v|backup_version BackupVersion
[Optional] Backup version number to be replicated to or from third party storage. This number is visible in the backup filename (bar_123456789.out)

If you specify next_incremental_restore, do not specify a backup version number.

Example: 60
f|file filename
The full file path and file name of the file containing the necessary parameters to create the job. If the same parameters are provided both in the file and on the command line, Teradata DSA uses the values specified in the command line.
Example: backupjob1.xml
u|user_authentication User
Required when security management is enabled. Supplies the command with the Viewpoint user, and triggers a password prompt for authentication.

Permissions required: DSA Job Permissions: Edit

Usage Notes

You cannot update a retired job.

XML File Example

This command imports information from the XML file created from the export_job command.