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October 2021
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For the first phase of incremental restore with Advanced SQL Engine 16.20 Update 2, the following limitations and restrictions apply:

  • DBC only jobs are not supported.
  • The incremental restore job must be created from an incremental restore enabled backup job.
  • The next incremental restore option can only process one save set at at a time. You select the backup to start from and run the job repeatedly till you get to the save set you want restored.
  • You cannot abort this command: build_restore_objects.
  • You can abort these commands only through cnsterm 6:
    • To abort cleanup_ir_source_system, run this command from the source database:

      start bardsmain -a|abort c|cleanup

    • To abort reset_ir_target_system, run this command from the target database:

      start bardsmain -a|abort r|reset

  • [DSA and earlier] Offline backups only, online backups are not supported.
  • You cannot restart an incremental restore job.
  • Enhanced locking management is not supported with IR.
  • IR does not work with a down AMP.
  • LOGGING INCREMENTAL ARCHIVE is not retried indefinitely.