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Data Stream Architecture
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October 2021
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For the first three steps, use the files you stored following the procedure in Saving the DSC Repository Configuration Information
  1. Configure media server.
    For example, dsc config_media_servers -f 31.media_server.xml
  2. Configure backup application.
    For example, dsc backup_application_gcp -f config_gcp_user.xml
  3. Configure target group for replication.
    For example, dsc config_target_groups -f tg_gcp.xml -t target_gcp -r
  4. Navigate to /opt/teradata/client/17.06/dsa/dsc: cd $DSA_DSC_ROOT
  5. User:
    su dscuser
  6. Check the list of backup IDs available on the replication target group:
    sh -m list_backupids -r replicating_target_group
  7. Get the bar_<backupID>.out from replication target group:
    sh -m replicate_from -v <backupID> -r <replicationTargetGroupName>
    For example, sh -m replicate_from -v 1603437512425 -r gcp_tg
  8. Restore the backup.
    sh -m restore -v <backupID>
    For example, sh -m restore -v 1603437512425
  9. Exit dscuser:
  10. Restart DSC:
    /etc/init.d/dsc restart