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October 2021
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The consolidate_job_logs command uploads all logs for a completed job to a centralized location. If the job is running, the command is rejected.


consolidate_job_logs -n|-name Name -I|-job_execution_id Job Execution ID


dsc consolidate_job_logs -n job1 -I 5


n|name Name
The name of the job for which you want to retrieve status.
I|job_execution_id Job Execution ID
[Optional] The job ID of the job execution for which you want to retrieve status. You cannot specify a running job. If you do not specify a job execution ID, the latest job execution ID is used.
[Optional] Prompts for the timestamp of the job for which you want to retrieve status.

Usage Notes

The job logs that consolidate_job_logs gathers are placed in a subdirectory, jobName_jobExecutionId_currentTimestamp, that is created under the upload directory defined in the file. It copies all DSC log files with a last modified timestamp after the job start time to the newly created directory.

To maintain available disk file space, delete old files in the upload directory periodically.

XML File Example

This command does not support an XML file.