17.10 - Sample Makefile - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Programmer Guide

Access Module
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June 2021
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Programming Reference
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Before running the makefile, set the symbol INCDIR to the directory in which pmddamt.h and pmdcomt.h are stored. Set the symbol SRCDIR to the directory in which the sample source (or yours) is stored.

#* TITLE: amsample.mak - Sample Access Module MAKE
#* This file builds a sample Access Module.
#* Invoke this makefile directly. Do NOT use the toplevel makefile!
#* This makefile is intended to be useable in customer environments.
OBJS = amsample.o
INCDIR  = ../inc
SRCDIR  = ../src
NESTINC = $(INCDIR)/pmdcomt.h \
CCFlags = -c -g -I$(INCDIR)
amsample.so: $(OBJS)
        cc -G -g $(OBJS) -o amsample.so
amsample.o: $(NESTINC) $(SRCDIR)/amsample.c
        cc $(CCFlags) $(SRCDIR)/amsample.c
# DO NOT DELETE THIS LINE -- make depend depends on it.