17.10 - Attribute Exchange Functions - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Programmer Guide

Access Module
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June 2021
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Programming Reference
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The following function-dependent Access Module structures provide a method of exchanging informational attribute values between an Access Module and a Teradata utility or the Teradata PT DataConnector operator:

Function Name Transfer From Transfer To

Get Attribute

Access Module Teradata utility or Teradata PT DataConnector operator
Put Attribute Teradata utility or Teradata PT DataConnector operator Access Module

The attribute exchange functions provide only an exchange of information. No control is implied. The use and disposition of the requested information is the responsibility of the destination module.

For example, these functions typically exchange identification of the following:
  • A database table that is currently being addressed from a Teradata utility to an Access Module
  • VOLSER of the currently mounted media from an Access Module to a Teradata utility