17.10 - Defining an Access Module in a Teradata PT Job Script - Access Module

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Access Module Programmer Guide

Access Module
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June 2021
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Programming Reference
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  1. Include the following program text within the DEFINE OPERATOR ATTRIBUTES clause of the DataConnector definition (in addition to the other attributes being defined):
     VARCHAR  AccessModuleName,
     VARCHAR  AccessModuleInitStr 
    • AccessModuleName specifies the file name of the dynamically loadable module that provides the Access Module software.
    • AccessModuleInitStr specifies the Access Module initialization string, which is a list of operational parameters that you can specify for an Access Module. The contents of the initialization string are determined by the requirements of the specified Access Module.
  2. Define the Access Module attributes within the APPLY or SELECT clause in which you are using the DataConnector operator. For example:
      ( DC_FILE_READER() [1]
         PrivateLogName = 'dcR.log',
         FileName = './dummy',
         OpenMode = 'Read',
         Format = 'Text',
         IndicatorMode = 'No',
         AccessModuleName = 'libmqs.so',
         AccessModuleInitStr = '-qmgr SYSQ1 -qnm MyQ -TRCL 2
    For the appropriate value to assign to the Format attribute, refer to specific Access Module documentation.