15.10 - Description - FastLoad

Teradata FastLoad Reference

Programming Reference


Teradata FastLoad is a command‑driven utility which can be used to quickly load large amounts of data in an empty table on a Teradata Database.

Data can be loaded from:

  • Disk or tape files on a mainframe‑attached client system
  • Input files on a network‑attached workstation
  • Special input module (INMOD) routines written to select, validate, and preprocess input data
  • Any other device providing properly formatted source data
  • Teradata FastLoad uses multiple sessions to load data. However, it loads data into only one table on a Teradata Database per job. To load data into more than one table in the Teradata Database, multiple Teradata FastLoad jobs must be submitted, one for each table.

    Note: Full tape support is not available for any function in Teradata FastLoad for network‑attached client systems. To import data from a tape, write a custom access module that interfaces with the tape device. For information about how to write a custom access module, refer to the Teradata Tools and Utilities Access Module Programmer Guide (B035‑2424).