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About Table Operator UDFs

A table operator is a form of a UDF that can only be specified in the FROM clause of a SELECT request. Teradata Database treats table operator UDFs as derived table subqueries.

Name overloading is allowed, but because table operators have no explicit input, the table operator UDFs must have a unique name.

A table operator can be defined to operate in all UDF modes, protected, not protected and secure mode.

The table operator cannot execute on a PE.

The table operator can be defined using one of two parameter styles.

  • SQLTABLE refers to the ANSI UDF parameter style. The ANSI UDF parameter style table operator is passed an input row in the indicdata format and returns the output row in the same format.

  • Note: Table functions and table operators cannot execute against fallback data when an AMP is down. Once the AMP returns to service, the query can complete as normal.