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Error Logging Limits

You can specify a WITH LIMIT OF error_limit clause in an INSERT … SELECT or MERGE request with a value in the range of 1 to 16,000,000, inclusive. This limit is based on the largest number a system semaphore counter can support.

If you do not specify a WITH LIMIT OF clause, the request uses the default error limit of 10.

You can also specify a WITH NO LIMIT clause if you do not want to specify an error limit.

If the INSERT … SELECT or MERGE request accumulates the number of errors in the specified error limit, the request or transaction aborts in ANSI or Teradata mode, respectively, and all changes to the target table rows are rolled back.

Teradata Database preserves any error table rows previously logged by the aborted request or transaction and does not roll them back.

See “INSERT/INSERT … SELECT” and “MERGE” in SQL Data Manipulation Language for details.