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Uses for Database Query Logging

Database query logging provides DBAs with a set of measures that can be analyzed over a period of time to verify system usage or to more closely examine a query that uses an unexpectedly large amount of valuable system resources.

Teradata provides several tools to support these analyses, including Meta Data Services utilities, several System FE views and macros, diagnostics, and Database Query Analysis tools.

The Teradata Viewpoint Stats Manager portlet allows you to manage Teradata Database statistics collection, which includes the ability to collect and analyze statistics, create and control jobs, and manage recommendations.

The logged information together with other system tables can then be used to support the enhancement of system throughput.

You can use many of the SQL statements documented in this chapter to collect and analyze this data.

For detailed information about analytical facilities, see the following books:

  • Application Programming Reference
  • Teradata Meta Data Services Administrator Guide
  • Teradata Meta Data Services Programmer Guide
  • SystemFE Macros
  • SQL Request and Transaction Processing
  • Security Administration
  • Teradata Viewpoint User Guide