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Target Table Kind Defaults

If the source is a base table and you do not specify an explicit table kind, the table kind of the target table defaults to the source table kind.

Note that if you use the abbreviated CT … AS syntax, you cannot specify a table kind. Because of this, the system automatically copies the table kind of the source table to the target table when you use the CT … AS syntax.

If the source is a subquery, the system creates the target table using the default table kind for the session mode unless you specify an explicit table kind in the CREATE TABLE request, as indicated in the following table.


IF you copy to a target table using a subquery while in this session mode …

THEN the target table has this table kind unless you explicitly specify something different …





For example, if you copy a definition to a target table in ANSI session mode using a subquery, then the table kind of the target table defaults to MULTISET unless you explicitly specify the SET table kind in your CREATE TABLE … AS … request.