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Error Table Row Size Minimization

To minimize the size of error table rows, the system stores only the IDs of fields and users, not their names. To determine the names associated with the stored field IDs and user IDs, you can run queries against the DBC.Tables3VX view.

For example,

     SELECT TableName, FieldName, ETC_ErrorCode
     FROM DBC.Tables3VX, ET_myerrtbl
     WHERE TableId = ETC_TableId 
     AND   FieldId = ETC_FieldId 
     AND   ETC_DBQL_QID = 385520516506583068;



Request element …

Specifies …


the default system‑generated name of the error table for base table myerrtbl, for which you want to retrieve table and column names.


the unique DBQL query ID for this request.

See Teradata Parallel Data Pump Reference, Teradata FastLoad Reference, and Teradata MultiLoad Reference for the definitions of the error tables generated by those bulk loading utilities.