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DROP TABLE and Error Tables

You cannot drop an error table using the DROP TABLE statement. Instead, you must use DROP ERROR TABLE (see “DROP ERROR TABLE” on page 797 for details).

If you want to drop a data table has an error table associated with it, you must first drop its error table.

If you do not, the system returns an error to the requestor. You must drop the error table in a separate DROP ERROR TABLE request (see “DROP ERROR TABLE” on page 797).

The system adds a row to the DBC.ErrorTbls system table only when you create an error table, so you do not need to delete any rows from DBC.ErrorTbls when you drop its associated data table.

If you run a query against the DBC.ErrorTblsV or DBC.ErrorTblsVX views (see Data Dictionary), the resulting report displays Dropped Database, Dropped Table, or Dropped User, respectively, in place of the dropped database, data table, or error table creator name.