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Library Name Clause

The Library Name clause specifies the name of a non‑standard library file on the server that would not normally be linked with the UDF being defined.

The syntax for this clause is as follows.


The character ¡ represents a user‑defined delimiter.

Perform the following procedure for specifying a library file name string.

1 Begin the clause with the character S to indicate this is a server specification.

2 Type the character L to indicate this is a library file specification.

3 Specify an arbitrary delimiter character to separate the L code and the library name specified in the string.

4 Specify the name assigned to the non‑standard library file on the server. The server automatically adds prefix or suffix values as needed.

The path must name a server library that is already installed on the system.

You can use either \ or / characters to specify the path for all operating systems.