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Dictionary Support for Error Tables

The system provides one dictionary table, DBC.ErrorTbls, and three views, DBC.ErrorTblsV, DBC.ErrorTblsVX, and DBC.Tables3VX, to support error tables.

DBC.ErrorTbls maintains the relationships between error tables and their data tables rather than the table header.

You can query the DBC.ErrorTblsV and DBC.ErrorTblsVX views to report error table names and their associated data table and database names.

You can query the DBC.Tables3VX view to report the database, table, and column names associated with the table IDs and column IDs stored in error table rows.

See Data Dictionary for the definitions and usage details about DBC.ErrorTbls, DBC.ErrorTblsV, DBC.ErrorTblsVX, and DBC.Tables3VX. The topic “Error Table Row Size Minimization” on page 236 also provides an example of how to use the DBC.Tables3VX view.