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This optional clause specifies the parameter passing style to be used by the external procedure.

The SQL parameter passing style allows the code body to indicate NULL data. This cannot be done with the TD_GENERAL parameter passing style. If you do not specify a parameter style clause, then the system defaults to PARAMETER STYLE SQL. You must specify a parameter passing style of Java for all external routines written in Java. If the Java procedure must accept null arguments, then the EXTERNAL NAME clause must include the list of parameters and specify data types that map to Java objects (see “External Java Reference Strings” on page 444).

You can specify the parameter style clause in 1 of 2 places.

  • SQL data access clause
  • External procedure name
  • You cannot specify the parameter style both places in the same external procedure definition statement. Only 1 parameter style clause is permitted per external procedure definition.

    Specific details of both options are described in SQL External Routine Programming.