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External UDF .so and .dll Linkage Information

This topic does not apply to SQL UDFs.

There is only one UDF .so or .dll file per application category per database per node. The system does not generate .so or .dll files for Java UDFs because their source code is contained within their associated JAR files.


IF the value for Application Category is …

THEN the format of the .so or .dll file is …

> 0

  • libudf_dbid_librevno_AppCat.so
  • or

  • libudf_dbid_librevno_AppCat.dll
  • = 0

  • libudf_dbid_librevno.so
  • or

  • libudf_dbid_librevno.dll
  • Whenever you create, replace, or drop a UDF, the UDF .so or .dll file for that database has to be relinked with all the other UDF object files and then redistributed to all the nodes.

    The following example shows the output of a UDF creation on a Linux system. The .so file, libudf_03ee_n.so, increments each time a UDF is created, replaced, or dropped. This DROP FUNCTION operation was the ninth such UDF‑related operation in the current database, so the .so file is named libudf_03ee_9.so.

    The Unknown statement and 5607 Warning messages are normal.

         DROP FUNCTION another;
          *** Unknown statement, type=124 complete. 
          *** Warning: 5607 Check output for possible warnings encountered in
              compiling XSP/UDF.
          *** Total elapsed time was 1 second.
         Check output for possible compilation warnings.
          /usr/bin/cc -G -g -Xc -I /tpasw/etc -o libudf_03ee_9.so 
         pre_Find_Text.o pattern.o pre_really_long_function_name.o
         long_name.o pre_udf_scalar_substr.o substr.o
         pre_char2hexint.o char2hexint.o   -ludf -lmw -lm