1.5 - Restoring Data - Aster Analytics on AWS

Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS Getting Started Guide

Aster Analytics on AWS
October 2017
  1. Identify the target cluster you want to restore the data to, and record the instance id of the queen of the cluster.
    The target cluster must be an existing Aster cluster launched earlier, and must be analogous to the source cluster where the backup is performed:
    • Same number of nodes
    • Same type of instance
    • Same type and number of EBS volumes
    • Same status of encryption (both non-encrypted or both encrypted)
  2. Quiesce the target cluster in preparation for the restoration.
    1. Shutdown the Aster system running on the cluster.
      ncli system softshutdown
    2. Stop all the nodes of the cluster, using AWS web console.
  3. Identify the S3 bucket and the backup object key name representing the backup object you want to restore. And make sure you have access permissions to the bucket.
  4. Trigger the restore operation from the client.
    1. SSH to the client, as ec2-user and using your keypair file.
      ssh -i <your keypair file> ec2-user@<IP address of the client>
    2. Change to the directory where you save the utility software.
      cd $BARHOME
    3. Run the script.
      python barAsterOnAws.py restore --target_queen_instance_id <target_queen_instance_id> --s3_bucket_name <S3 Bucket Name> --backup_object_key_name  <Backup Object Key>
    Watch stdout and barAsterOnAws.log for the progress of the operation.
  5. If the operation is successful, a restore object is saved in the specified S3 bucket, with the name aster/<target_queen_instance_id>/restore/restore_<timestamp>. Also, existing volumes on the target cluster are detached, and new volumes restored from the backup object during the operation are attached to the target cluster. In case of failure, see Troubleshooting Data Restore for possible causes and solutions.
  6. Start Aster and activate the target cluster from AWS web console.
    • If the target cluster is the same as the source cluster, Aster will be automatically started.
      In case the worker nodes start before the queen node does, the startup fails. You should start Aster manually using the following command:
      ncli system softrestart

      After Aster starts, SSH to the queen node of the target cluster, and activate the cluster.

      ncli system activate
    • If the target cluster is different from the source cluster where the backup was taken, follow the post-restore operation steps described in Configuring the Target Cluster if Different from the Source Cluster.