1.5 - Using the Teradata-Aster Database Connector - Aster Analytics on AWS

Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS Getting Started Guide

Aster Analytics on AWS
October 2017

The Teradata-Aster Database Connector is a high-performance, bidirectional connector to copy data between Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS and Teradata Database on AWS. The Connector takes advantage of parallel processing on both databases to enable fast loading of large amounts of data. To do this, Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS creates multiple sessions with Teradata Database on AWS to achieve parallelism during export and load operations.

The Connector consists of two Teradata Aster SQL-MapReduce® functions called “load_from_teradata” and “load_to_teradata”. These two functions use the parallel version of the Teradata Parallel Transport (TPT) API to move data between the two systems. The Connector uses Teradata FastLoad and FastExport to do the loading and exporting of data on the Teradata side.

You can use the ncli tdconnector command to check the set up and verification of network connectivity between participating instances, access to required ports, and successful authentication. For more information, refer to the Teradata Aster® Database User Guide for Commodity Hardware, which is available from http://www.info.teradata.com.