1.5 - Backing up Data - Aster Analytics on AWS

Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS Getting Started Guide

Aster Analytics on AWS
October 2017
  1. Identify the source cluster you want to back up data from, and record the instance id of the queen of the cluster.
  2. Quiesce the source cluster in preparation for the backup.
    1. Shut down the Aster system running on the cluster.
      ncli system softshutdown
    2. Stop all the nodes of the cluster, using AWS web console.
  3. Identify the S3 bucket to store the backup object. And make sure you have access permissions to the bucket.
    The backup procedure will create the S3 bucket, if not already exists.
  4. Trigger the backup operation from the client.
    1. SSH to the client, as ec2-user and using your keypair file.
      ssh -i <your keypair file> ec2-user@<IP address of the client>
    2. Change to the directory where you save the utility software.
      cd $BARHOME
    3. Run the script.
      python barAsterOnAws.py backup --queen_instance_id <queen_instance_id> --s3_bucket_name <S3 Bucket Name>
    Watch stdout and barAsterOnAws.log for the progress of the operation.
  5. If the operation is successful, a backup object is saved in the specified S3 bucket, with the name aster/<queen_instance_id>/backup/backup_<timestamp>. In case of failure, refer to Troubleshooting Backups for possible causes and solutions.