1.5 - Launch Paths - Aster Analytics on AWS

Teradata Aster Analytics on AWS Getting Started Guide

Aster Analytics on AWS
October 2017
Teradata Aster recommends launching Teradata Aster® Express on AWS using the 1-Click Launch option. Though not recommended, the Manual Launch option is also available.
Launch Option Use Case To Launch
1-Click Easiest and fastest way to launch Teradata Aster® Express on AWS. Involves minimum configuration.
  • Allows you to launch a single instance using predefined settings recommended by Teradata.
  • Can use only the predefined Teradata instance type.
  • Can use only the predefined storage size and type.
  • Automatically sets EBS storage volumes for deletion on instance termination.
Launching using the 1-Click Option
Manual Gives you some control of settings before launching a Teradata Aster® Express on AWS instance, but is more time-consuming than 1-Click launch due configuration requirements.
  • Involves additional configuration steps after instance launch.
  • Automatically sets EBS root device volume for deletion on instance termination.
  • Cluster is not provisioned with user specified additional disks. However, users are charged for any additional disks they configure.
  • Requires knowledge of setting up an instance.
Launching Using the Manual Option