1.3 - Executing a Workflow or Customer List - Vantage Customer Experience

Vantage Customer Experience User Guide

Vantage Customer Experience
December 2020
User Guide
  1. Choose one of the following options:
    Option Action
    Execute a workflow Select "" > Data preparation > Workflows.
    Execute a customer list Select "" > Customer list.
  2. Select "" > Execute.
    You can also execute the workflow or customer list from the Properites panel.
  3. Depending on your permissions, you may be able to select which credentials to use for connection nodes when executing the workflow or customer list.
    Selection Description
    Current session Use your current session credentials for all connection nodes in the workflow
    Connection credentials Use the specific credentials included with each connection
    If you cannot select which credentials to use, select Yes to confirm you want to execute the workflow or customer list
  4. Select "" > Status > Workflow status.
  5. Select the workflow or customer list located above the Scheduled list to open the Execution card.
    Each workflow or customer list item is listed with a status on each.

    If the workflow or customer list has completed execution, it is listed in History.