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June 2021
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User Guide
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Vantage CX provides visibility into where every message group, message, or criterion is used and what its relationships are.
You cannot delete the following components when in use: attributes, attribute categories, messages, message groups, objectives, criteria, and weighting formulas.
  1. Display a message group, message, criterion, or attribute.
  2. Select a Where Used option:
    Component Selection Information Shown
    Message group Where Used Shows channels and interaction points where the message group is used.
    Message Where Used Shows channels, interaction points, and message groups. Select a hyperlink to go where the component is used.
    Criterion Where Used (Context) Shows unique instances of the criterion under a channel for channels, interaction points, strategies, and decision points.
    Where Used (Global) Shows the components where the criterion is used that could appear more than once under the same channel: message groups and messages.

    The following table shows an example of the information that Where Used (Context) shows for a criterion. In this example, the criterion is linked to three components. The first is the channel Web. The second is the strategy Customer Satisfaction under the interaction point Home Page and the channel Web. Finally, the criterion is linked to the decision point Decision 1 under the interaction point Landing Page and the channel Web.

    Channel Interaction Point Strategy Decision Point
    Web Home Page Customer Satisfaction  
    Web Landing Page   Decision 1