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June 2021
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  1. Select "" > Script management > Scripts.

    The Scripts list page displays your scripts and the Status of each.

  2. Choose one of the following options:
    Option Action
    Create new Select Create New.
    Edit existing Either select the script or select "" > Edit.
  3. On the Scripts details page, enter a unique Name and optional Description.
    Name cannot be changed after it is saved.
  4. In the code area, enter or copy and paste the content.
    For information on Groovy scripts, refer to the following:
  5. Select Save.
    • Save your content periodically. You can save scripts even with errors, but they will not validate or execute properly.
    • You can view the status of each script on the Scripts list page.
  6. [Optional] Check for errors in the code and endpoints in the script. When you select Compile, one of the following messages appears:
    Failed Script compilation error, or unable to register endpoints
    Caution No endpoint available
    Passed Script compiled
    1. Select Compile.
    2. If errors exist, select Show details to display the specific error message.
  7. Select Save.