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June 2021
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With Vantage CX, a customer can save profile details from a session and can retrieve it in future sessions. If the user has selected the Save to Customer Profile checkbox for an attribute in the Attributes page, the profile values are saved and are displayed when the customer creates a new session. This could be data such that is changed or updated during the session, such as phone numbers, email addresses, opt in compliances, and so on. This feature enriches the customer’s overall personalized experience by capturing full Customer 360 data in real time.

When you create the new session, the attribute details from the previous session are loaded into the application.

To save the Customer Profile details:

  1. Log into the application.
  2. Select Administration > Attribute.
  3. Click CREATE NEW.
  4. Enter name and description in the ATTRIBUTE tab.
  5. Select Decision in the Attribute Type.
  6. Select any group in the Attribute Group.
  7. Select a value type in the Values tab.
  8. Select Save to Customer Profile.
  9. Click SAVE.

See the VCX API guide for more details.