Update Marketing System for Personalized Messaging Use Case | Vantage CX - 1.4 - Use Case: Enabling Next Best Recommendation Updates to the Customer Profile, Based on Real-time Interaction History - Vantage Customer Experience

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June 2021
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You can update a list of contact profiles in an external marketing system (through API calls) with changes from the customer profile data. You can then create personalized, real-time messages, based on the updated customer profile data.

You can include dynamic query and path parameters with the API calls to use different endpoints and parameters when processing each API call.

  1. Create an API connection to the external system with the defined API endpoint configuration.

    You can store and re-use the connection across multiple customer lists. See Connections.

  2. Create an API data integration to define the JSON body for the API calls.

    See Data Integrations.

  3. Create a workflow to update the customer profiles.

    See Data Preparation: Workflows.

    To continuously update the marketing system with new data, schedule the workflow to execute on a recurring basis. See Adding a Schedule to a Workflow or Customer List.