1.4 - Changes and Additions - Vantage Customer Experience

Vantage Customer Experience User Guide

Vantage Customer Experience
Release Number
Release Date
June 2021
Content Type
User Guide
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English (United States)
Date Release Description
June 2021 1.4
  • Added support to capture Customer profile attributes and customer event history
  • Added Simulation environments
  • Added Exclusion window
December 2020 1.3
  • Added Script Management feature
  • Added new permission for script management
  • Added Dashboard overview
September 2020 1.2
  • Added checkpointing feature for workflows and customer lists
  • Added Analytical Segments and Datasets features
  • Added Delivery channels and message strategies
  • Removed Cluster, Text, Path, and Model.
  • Added three new permissions analytical segments and datasets.
  • Dark mode now available.
December 2019 1.1
  • Added Cluster and Text features.
  • Added three new permissions for creating and managing database, API, and SFTP connections.
  • Added new private key authentication for SFTP connections.
September 2019 1.0 Initial release