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June 2021
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  1. Select "" > Real-time decisioning > Channels.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Provide the initial details.
    • Name and Keyname can be the same, but must be unique within message strategies and channels..
    • Description is optional.
    • Select Delivery channel.
  4. Select Create.
  5. On the Details page, do the following:
    1. Select Imply Extension.
      Selecting this box tells the system that once a message is delivered to the channel, it should be assumed that the message was actually extended to the customer. Use this setting for self-service channels like web or kiosk where the message is displayed and it is assumed the customer saw the message. If a person other than the customer is involved (such as a call center representative), clear this box.

      When Imply Extension=False, the channel needs to explicitly tell Vantage CX that the offer was extended.

      When Imply Extension=True, the channel automatically implies extension when returns an offer.

      For additional information, see Imply Extension Examples.

    2. Select a connection.
  6. On the Attributes page, select or create attributes.
  7. Select Save.