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June 2021
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Vantage CX provides a drag-and-drop interface for defining criteria. Use the interface to define criteria.

Area Description
Name Name of the criterion.
Drag & Drop Selectors Palette that contains functions (Compare, Contact Selection, and Expression) and a list of all the decision attributes. These functions and attributes are collectively known as selectors. The items in the palette can be collapsed and expanded.

The first colored bar near the top of the palette always identifies the list of functions. The other colored bars in the palette highlight the names of owners (channel names, Corporate, Customer, Marketing, or Internet). Below the owner names are the attribute categories followed by their attributes.

Search selectors Search field that enables attribute location. To search for an attribute, begin typing the letters at the beginning of the attribute's name. To clear a search, select "" beside the search field.
Canvas Area where you can drag and drop nodes. A criterion can have multiple nodes.

The default operator is AND, but you can change any operators to OR.

Edit panel A panel that opens when you drag a function or attribute onto the canvas.

The options in the edit panel vary. For example, an attribute that is a string has different options from an integer or Boolean. The functions also have different options from one another.