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June 2021
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To run a single-user simulation on an interaction point or message strategy, you can select a user ID and manually define any attributes of a sample user. Although single-user simulations can run without an ID or manually defined attributes, you can provide this information to produce more useful results.
Running single-user simulations does not add records to the contact history. Any changes to IDs and attributes are deleted when you end your current session.
  1. Open an interaction point or message strategy details dialog.
  2. Select "".
  3. To change the information used in the simulation, select Edit Input.
    The input dialog is displayed.
  4. [Optional] Enter a User ID.
    The ID identifies the customer in the contact history, or the ID can be a new ID.
  5. [Optional] To manually define attributes of a sample user:
    1. Select Add Attribute +.
    2. Select an attribute and select Add Selected.
      You can also select a complex attribute category add all complex attributes in the category as a group. Complex attributes can only be added as part of a group.
    3. Enter data for the attribute. The type of data that is required depends on the attribute.
    4. Repeat to add more attributes.
    If the ID exists in the contact history, any attributes that you manually define override matching attributes from the contact history.
  6. When you have added all the information you want for this single-user run, select Run Simulation. You also have the choice to clear the information you have entered, or to cancel the simulation run completely.