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June 2021
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  1. From the whiteboard, select the interaction point, message strategy, area, or decision point you want to link.
  2. Select Add Destination +.
  3. Select Add Decision Point.
  4. Enter a Name and Keyname.
  5. [Optional] Enter a Description.
  6. Select Create.
  7. From the whiteboard, select the new decision point.
  8. From the Decision Point panel, select a Type.
    The rule you assign to each destination from a decision point evaluates to true or false.
    • Select Inclusive to process all destinations from the decision point that evaluate to true.
    • Select Exclusive to process only the first destination from the decision point that evaluates to true. When you select Exclusive, a number appears next to each destination showing the order that the destination will be evaluated. You can select and drag destinations if you want to rearrange the order.
    For example, a decision point links to three message groups. The link to the first message group evaluates to false, while the links to the second and third message group evaluate to true. If you select Inclusive, both the second and third message groups are processed since they evaluate to true. If you select Exclusive, only the second message group is processed since it is the first message group to evaluate to true.
  9. Add any destinations to the decision point.
    If you selected Exclusive for Type, make sure the destinations are numbered in the sequence that you want them evaluated.
  10. [Optional] Add rules to the destinations.
    Each destination can have one rule assigned.