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June 2021
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Vantage CX uses third-party profiles to retrieve information from third-party applications as part of the first interaction. If the third-party profile data is not processed quickly enough (500 milliseconds by default), then Vantage CX continues its decisioning process for the interaction without the profile information. If the third-party profile data arrives before the end of the wrap-up portion of the initial request, then the information is available for the next request and those that follow.

See Planning for Third-Party Profiles for information on changing this limit.

If the requested third-party profile data was not received in time to be used in the current interaction, Vantage CX appends an error message to its response to the channel. Error messages are also provided if the third-party application rejects the request for some reason, or if the third-party application sent XML or JSON that did not pass validation against the provided XSD or JSON sample data file. Vantage CX returns third-party profile error messages to the channel only when at least one third-party profile is requested for the current targeted messages request.