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Vantage Customer Experience
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June 2021
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User Guide
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English (United States)
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Customer 360
  • Allow real-time customer engagement
  • Enable employees to make informed, data-driven decisions to better serve customers
  • Allow external applications to access this data in order to power their capabilities
  • Create personalized interactions based on near-real time events streamed from different transactional systems.
Campaign execution or reporting
Advanced Analytics
  • Obtain answers about events that lead to business outcomes
  • Include these analyses in segments and predictive models in order to use in campaigns and real-time decisioning
Determine the dominant paths that lead to customer churn
  • Build and deliver hyper-personalized customer lists in order to create optimized campaigns for desired outcomes
  • Drive optimal customer experience by providing "in-the-moment," contextually relevant decisioning
  • Allow behavior-based event detection and trigger a subsequent "next best" action step
Determine potential fraud based on real-time behavior analysis