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June 2021
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Customer Profile tables enable the persistence of customer-related data in existing profile tables. That data is used in connection to any of the contextual data passed to Vantage CX for decisioning.

You control Customer Profile table data functionality with the Load profile data for every targeted message or send data request check box on a Channel UI page. Use this flag when you are performing advanced options during a channel definition task.

The channel sends customer IDs to Vantage CX. A common use case would be to track an anonymous customer’s browsing behavior (including actions such as placing items in a cart) with one customer ID. The customer logs into an existing account, so the customer is associated with a known customer ID. The Merge API combines the information from the previously anonymous customer ID with the known customer ID. The session history for the anonymous session is discarded after the data is merged. Vantage CX immediately has the merged data and any customer profile information for the known customer and can use the information for evaluating rules and determining which messages to offer during further interactions. For more information about the Merge API, refer to the Vantage Customer Experience API Guide.

You can define rules based on customer information, which can be stored in Customer Profile tables. Because Customer Profile table contains personal information, it must be encrypted to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).