1.3 - Viewing the Rule Summary or Data Source Summary - Vantage Customer Experience

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Vantage Customer Experience
December 2020
User Guide

After setting up WHERE and HAVING conditions , you can view a summary of the rule or data source and make any changes. The system automatically creates a Rule ID or Data Source ID.

  1. [Optional] From Rule summary or Data Source summary, enter a Description.
  2. To verify and add values to rule settings or data source settings:
    Tab Description
    Variables To create a variable, select Creat Variable and complete the fields.

    To modify a variable, select "" > Edit and enter a new value.

    To delete a variable, select "" > Delete, then Delete to confirm.

    Formulas To modify a formula, select "" > Edit, then select new fields, functions, or variables.

    To delete a formula, select "" > Delete, then Delete to confirm.

    SQL Select Generate SQL to view the SQL.
    1. Select Generate SQL from the SQL tab.
    2. Select Explain SQL to view the EXPLAIN plan provided by the database.
  3. Select Save.