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A strategy is the mechanism of adjusting message scores on a weighted basis or by selecting a fixed number of messages based on a specific objective. An example of balancing message scores based on weight would be to add 20% weight to all of the messages that belong to the Revenue objective. An example of selecting a fixed number of messages would be to always select one message that belongs to the Customer Satisfaction objective.

You can add strategies as children of interaction points, message strategies, and areas. Typically, you link strategies to just one.

  1. From an interaction point, message strategy, or area, select Strategies.
  2. Select Add Strategy.
  3. Enter the Name, Keyname, and optional Description.
  4. Select Create.
    The strategy is created and other options are available.
  5. [Optional] Select Add Rule and select a rule to link to the strategy.
  6. If you have more than one strategy listed, drag the strategy to modify its order in the sequence of strategies.

    The sequence is important because Vantage CX evaluates the rules on the strategies in order and uses the first strategy with a passing rule. If the rule on the first strategy fails, it goes to the second strategy. If the rule on the second strategy passes, it uses that strategy and ignores the third strategy.

    For an area, the sequence number is meaningful when the area's parent interaction point or message strategy has more than one area. A customer who qualifies for multiple areas gets the higher ordered level.

  7. To view the list of strategies, select "" > Edit.
    If this is the initial creation of the strategy, skip this step.
  8. Select Objective Balancer.
    If the fields in the form are read-only, no objectives have been added to this interaction point, message strategy, or area.
  9. When a strategy is first created, Vantage CX locates the objectives associated with the interaction point, message strategy, and areas and displays them in the Objective Balancer tab. After that, for performance reasons, no additional objectives are automatically added to the list of objectives. To refresh the list of objectives, select Actions > Refresh Objectives.
    After refreshing the objectives, all objectives are available in the Objective Balancer tab without selecting Refresh Objectives again.
    It is possible to define a deep hierarchy using the whiteboard; for example, any number of layers of areas can be defined. Deep hierarchies affect performance and are not recommended. Contact Professional Services for advice about best practices for setting up structures on the whiteboard.
  10. Create balanced objectives, fixed count objectives, or a combination of both.
    1. To use Balanced Objectives, move the sliders to determine how much additional emphasis to give to an objective.
    2. To add an objective to the Fixed Count Objectives, select Count.
      The objective moves from Balanced Objectives to Fixed Count Objectives.
    3. From Fixed Count Objectives, select how many messages you want this objective to return for this interaction point, message strategy, or area.
      Fixed counts overrule balanced objectives. If you set Fixed Count Objectives to 3, then three messages are always selected first from the pool of qualified messages.
    4. To move an objective back to Balanced Objectives, clear Count.