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June 2021
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Create a channel when you want to deliver an offer to a customer based on a message strategy or interaction point.
Vantage CX has two channel types, with the primary difference being the receiver source:
Channel Description Example
  • Request can be made from one source and the message delivered to a different source
  • Uses message strategies, not interaction points
  • Credit card event

    A customer makes a credit card transaction (transactional event) over the $10,000 limit. A decision is made on how to interact with the customer. As a result, a text message and an email are sent to the customer alerting them of potential fraud.

  • Requester and receiver are the same source
  • Uses interaction points
  • Website

    A customer accesses the website and takes certain actions. The identity of the customer is known, and the website source requests that customized banner ad or FAQ information. The website source receives the applicable messages.

  • Call center

    A call center representative receives a call from a customer, then needs to know the best action to take with the customer. A request is made by the call center source, a decision made, and response returned to the same source.